Professional Services: Assessment

The Institute for Leadership Fitness offers a comprehensive set of tools that assess leadership behaviors, competencies and readiness for change. The assessment process provides leaders and teams with the basis for improved self awareness and targeted coaching programs.

Assessment Tools

[expand title=”Cultural Transformation ToolsSM” tag=”h4″]Employing a tool called the Leadership Values Assessment (LVA), we survey team members’ perceptions of the organization’s existing culture. This exercise takes about 15 minutes and is done individually. The results are then aggregated to determine the values of the team. The resulting values, ranked in each of three perspectives (personal, current organization and desired organization), offer great insights into how aligned or misaligned the team is with regard to values and culture. The assessment also will reveal values and behaviors (such as blame, gossip, short-term focus) that may be limiting the team’s success and cohesion as a group.

Because the culture of an organization is a direct reflection of the personal consciousness of its leaders, the senior leadership team of an organization is a perfect place to start this values assessment. The values of your leaders define the organizational culture and thus your competitive advantage when it comes to attracting and retaining talented people, building and sustaining high performance and building resiliency and adaptive capacity.

[expand title=”ChangeGrid®” tag=”h4″]We administer the ChangeGrid® to diagnose how well an individual or group is coping with the specific changes taking place in their personal and professional lives. This tool, created by T. Falcon Napier at the Tension Management Institute, reveals the level of productive tension a person is experiencing at any given time. The ChangeGrid is formed by two axes — an axis that measures a person’s perceived ability to successfully make a specific change — and an axis that reflects the perceived level of difficulty or challenge associated with accomplishing that activity. Equipped with the insights the ChangeGrid provides, leaders are able to influence and support the change process more effectively.

[expand title=”DiSC®” tag=”h4″] We offer the full series of DiSC®-based products. Organizations worldwide have embraced the language of DiSC® for over 30 years. These assessments provide nonjudgmental language for exploring behavioral issues across four primary dimensions: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Through DiSC®, organizations may establish a common language, paving the way for successful training and coaching programs.

[expand title=”Leadership 360®” tag=”h4″] We offer a comprehensive, web-based leadership assessment tool that focuses on 22 critical leadership behaviors. This assessment provides a rich context for understanding leadership behavior as perceived by up to 12 different observers (self, boss, peers and direct reports). This assessment can be offered by itself, or combined with our training and coaching programs to ensure more meaningful change in those behaviors that show up as needing attention.

[expand title=”Strategic Directions Audit™” tag=”h4″] We offer a Strategic Directions Audit™ assessment to help senior management define and communicate their vision for the organization in terms of the leadership practices they believe will be most important to their organization in the future. This tool provides top leaders of an organization with the opportunity to identify which of the 22 leadership behaviors profiled in our Leadership 360® assessment are most important for the ongoing success of the company.

[expand title=”THE LEADERSHIP FIT® Qualitative 360″ tag=”h4″] This tool is customized to address the specific behaviors and attitudes your organization is seeking to understand and profile. One-on-one interviews are facilitated by our team to gather valuable perceptions from up to 12 different feedback sources (boss, peers and direct reports) for each leader being assessed.

Detailed reports are produced for each leader summarizing strengths, communication style, decision-making process, organizational and team challenges and other key developmental opportunities. We then meet with each leader to review our comprehensive assessment findings, and to recommend developmental opportunities that support the growth and refinement of the individual leader.

We provide this customized tool as an alternative to our other on-line assessment products for those organizations looking for a richer set of data with which to create succession and other developmental initiatives.

[expand title=”Sales Performance Assessment™” tag=”h4″] We offer a comprehensive, web-based assessment tool that focuses on 24 practices that are critical key sales behaviors for your salespeople’s success. Among the 24 practices profiled by the Sales Performance Assessment™ are market awareness, prospecting, entrepreneurship, communication, excitement, persuasiveness, insight, aggressiveness, empathy, persistence and team playing. This assessment also allows your sales management team to objectively zero in on the 5-8 sales behaviors that are the most important for your company today and in the near future.

[expand title=”Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)” tag=”h4″] We administer the TKI in a number of our leadership development programs. The TKI is the world’s most-used instrument for understanding how different conflict-handling modes, or styles, affect interpersonal and group dynamics, and for learning how to select the most appropriate style for a given situation.

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