Professional Services: Coaching

The Institute for Leadership Fitness provides expert and confidential coaching for executives, other senior leaders and teams.

We successfully coach clients to:

  1. Set clearer goals
  2. Achieve sustainable results more quickly
  3. Take more effective actions
  4. Become more powerful communicators and team builders
  5. Expand capacity to create breakthrough results

The principal benefits of coaching include:

  • Having a confidante with whom you can safely explore new ideas and approaches, difficult situations and/or perceived blocks to accomplishing work and life objectives
  • Having a guide that will serve as an accountability structure for you as you work to meet the commitments you set for yourself
  • Having an experienced resource that is trained in asking powerful questions, being curious and intuitive and sharing personal expertise and experience as needed

We offer a full range of executive coaching programs customized to meet the specific developmental and growth objectives of our clients, We also offer a set of standard coaching programs for individuals and/or groups designed to support leaders in the following critical areas:

  • Building Strong Teams
  • Translating Plans into Action
  • Leading Change and Managing Transitions
  • Giving Constructive Feedback
  • Overcoming Overload

Our coaching programs are available face-to-face, via telephone and through email.