The Leader as Coach

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The coaching mindset begins with viewing team members as being naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and not as broken or in need of fixing.

Leaders that adopt a coaching mindset step away from needing to have all of the answers.  They start by asking questions, rather than giving solutions.  This means less talking and more listening.


This can be difficult as many leaders see themselves as “fixers”.  They want to jump in and solve the problems brought to them by others.  The leader as coach focuses instead on bringing out the brilliance, awesome problem-solving ability and creativity of others.

Here is a list of coaching questions that will help you develop the members of your team, while getting out of the weeds.

“What is the issue?”

“What have you already thought of as a solution?”

“What would a successful outcome look or feel like?”

“What would get in the way of a successful outcome?”

“What do you think your next steps will be?”

“How should we get started?”

When team members and other colleagues are encouraged to develop their own solutions, they are more motivated and committed.

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