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I was recently interviewed for the 2018 Change and Innovation Online Summit! The Summit goes live on May 21. As a featured guest, I’m able to share FREE passes to the Summit. Check at the end of this article on how to acquire your pass.

In my interview, I talk about some of the steps leaders can take to drive more innovation on their team and across their organization. I point to successes in the healthcare and aviation industries to learn from mistakes, and I speak to the importance of sharing ideas even if they are not fully-baked ideas.

Some of the other topics covered in my discussion with April Callis-Birchmeier, the moderator of the Summit, revolve around our approach to change messaging and the strategies available to us when attempting to help our people let go of the past.

Whether you are a leader who is experiencing change in your organization, an HR professional who is dealing with change or someone looking to reinvent how you show up every day, you may benefit from conversations with some of the brightest thinkers in Change and Innovation around the world.

The Summit provides tools, strategies and concepts on how to best lead change and navigate the future of work. This Summit is packed with insights and practices to promote innovative ideas and successfully implement change.

Click the link below for your FREE Pass and be sure to catch my session!

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