The Fear of Missing Out

January 23rd, 2018 | Posted in Uncategorized by

There is a term floating around these days called FOMO. FOMO is the Fear of Missing Out. It is a fear that persistently and perniciously interferes with our attempts to bring dedicated focus to our tasks and to our relationships.

Think about the last time you checked your phone to see if you had any new messages or emails. Chances are it wasn’t too long ago.

How many of us check our phone, and then check it again in less than 5-10 minutes? Our devices certainly appear to have an addicting quality to them.

In fact, a former Google engineer, featured on a recent episode of 60 Minutes, talked about how manufacturers have modeled their devices to work like slot machines.

Each time we score on a slot machine, we get a shot of dopamine coursing through our body.

Even though subsequent pulls may not yield a similar rush, we keep pulling because the next one just might hit the jackpot.

We continuously check our phones, or check our email Inbox, because the next message just might be the one we are waiting for or hoping for.

While it is important to be responsive to others, being available 24/7 is not necessarily optimal for our productivity or our mental health.

Depending upon our role, we will always be more effective and efficient by choosing to check our email and our phone at specific intervals during the day.

You choose the number of intervals. Just know that checking our devices more than necessary plays havoc with our schedule and our ability to get important work done.

The Fear of Missing Out is largely a result of our own conditioning. Reclaiming control of how we spend our time will not only make us less frazzled, it will also allow us to focus on what we have in front of us and reduce the interruptions and distractions that are so disastrous to our creativity and our productivity.

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