Putting a Saddle on a Duck

October 25th, 2017 | Posted in Clarity, Effectiveness, Fit Leader, Leadership Fitness by

In our interactions with others, it is all too common to get frustrated with what people aren’t. Rather than celebrating and leveraging the strengths of those we work with, we can easily end up communicating an expectation that everyone must be good at everything.

Have you ever tried putting a saddle on a duck? How did that go? Were you able to ride the duck? If not, did you conclude that there must be something wrong with the duck?

Perhaps you tried a different saddle, one that was a bit smaller or a bit larger, thinking that was the problem. You would, of course, run out of different types and styles of saddles before finally realizing you were on a futile pursuit.

Now, if instead you put that duck in the water you would soon discover what it was truly good at. While it is true that you can’t ride a duck, a duck is really good at other things, such as paddling, swimming and even flying.

Consider combining and integrating the various strengths of those in your organization, or on your team, in a way that allows more people to achieve mastery at what they do really well, while at the same time helping people avoid frustration when being set up to fail.

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