Growth Traps

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What is your desire to grow?

For many, growth comes in spurts.

We advance for a while and then plateau.

Or, we get comfortable with where we are and determine that the benefit of continued growth is not worth the effort.

In other words, getting what we want can actually stunt our growth.

By providing us with an elevated, albeit temporary, sense of satisfaction and security, we sometimes just settle in for a while, or forever.

According to Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura, writing in The Laws of Lifetime Growth, traps like “money, applause, rewards, comfort and even a brilliant past can be quite seductive…they can quickly undermine our ability to keep growing in the future”.

Sullivan and Nomura offer the following roadmap to lifetime growth:

  • Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past
  • Always Make Your Learning Greater Than Your Experience
  • Always Make Your Contribution Bigger Than Your Reward
  • Always Make Your Performance Greater Than Your Applause
  • Always Make Your Gratitude Greater Than Your Success
  • Always Make Your Enjoyment Greater Than Your Effort
  • Always Make Your Cooperation Greater Than Your Status
  • Always Make Your Confidence Greater Than Your Comfort
  • Always Make Your Purpose Greater Than Your Money
  • Always Make Your Questions Bigger Than Your Answers

Follow the above “laws of lifetime growth” to ensure a fresh and innovative perspective on the world around you, and to avoid the traps that may be impeding your growth.

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