Thirty Thousand Days

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If we’re lucky, they say we have about 30,000 days to live out our lives. And, the clock keeps ticking for all of us.

The choices we make each and every day point us to a life defined by what we value.

Arianna Huffington, the cofounder and editor of the Huffington Post Media Group, shares her own personal wake-up call of falling one morning from sheer exhaustion and breaking her cheekbone and sustaining a nasty gash over her eye.

In Huffington’s new book Thrive: The Third Metric to Redefining Success and Creating a Life of Well-Being, Wisdom and Wonder, she explains how our pursuit of a successful life, driven by money and power, can backfire.

Driven by these first two metrics of success (money and power), it is at times difficult to remember the long-term impact of neglecting our health and vitality.

Our frenetic pace is fueled by stress, sleep deprivation and overwhelm as we chase “the successful life”, even though our eulogies often ignore what we thought would be our major achievements in life and focus instead on our relationships, and on our service to others.

One of the best ways to counter the negative effects of our constant focus on work and career is to periodically unplug by scheduling a “digital detox”.

We can become so tethered to our phones and tablets that we can’t imagine not checking them at least every six minutes.

There are some of us that even take our phones into the bathroom with us. Admit it.

As you plan your next vacation, seriously consider disconnecting from your devices for enough time to reconnect with your own thoughts and creativity.

Too many of us return from our vacations more drained and stressed than when we left.

According to a study by Fierce, Inc., 58 percent of workers feel absolutely no reduction in stress from their vacations, and 28 percent return even more stressed than they were before they left.

As I begin my own two-week vacation later today, I am looking forward to disengaging from all of my devices.

I am confident that when I return, I will be refreshed and renewed, ready to serve my clients again, at a level of performance that simply is not sustainable without regularly planned breaks.

Take back your vacations, and turn them into the getaways you deserve.

It is not a selfish act to take care of ourselves. The benefit of doing so extends to everyone around us as well.

While my wish for you is to have more than the average 30,000 days on this earth, remember that the clock is ticking.

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