DO Nothing, SAY Nothing, BE Nothing

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Having great aim is important; so is knowing when to pull the trigger. 

Sometimes, while we are considering when to begin, it becomes too late or the window of opportunity passes.

Leaders are known by the actions they take.  They don’t wait for permission.  They passionately pursue bold new ideas.  Think Steve Jobs.

Taking initiative requires eliminating the “knowing-doing” gap and being willing to take a risk. 

Being prepared to take a chance and to make a mistake is often required to succeed. 

At times, leaders must even put their own job on the line if they believe strongly enough in some course of action.

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

To avoid criticism, leaders can choose to DO Nothing, SAY Nothing, BE Nothing. 

Yoshida Shoin said that what is most important in a leader is a resolute will and determination. 

Napoleon Bonaparte said that victory belongs to the most perservering.

A fit leader possesses strong convictions that he or she can make a difference. 

Even in the face of criticism and opposition, fit leaders move forward believing they can accomplish their goals and make the impact they seek in their organization and the world.

Fit leaders place a premium on DOING and SAYING, and as a result they become an important influence on others.

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